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William Bayer

WILLIAM BAYER’s MIRROR MAZE is the third and last novel in his Janek series. A secret hall of mirrors, a labyrinth of fear: NYPD detective Frank Janek returns in a hypnotic psychological thriller. . . a brilliant novel of excitement and terror.

A beautiful young woman meets her latest “pickup” in a Manhattan hotel bar and goes back with him to his room, where she drugs him, robs him, and humiliates him. Several hours later, the “mark” is found dead, the mysterious young woman is wanted for the murder, and Janek and his team of detectives are assigned to the case. Simultaneously, Janek becomes involved in the reopening of a grisly society-murder investigation that has plagued NYPD  Internal Affairs for nine years. As he sets out to solve both puzzles, the present and past eerily dovetail, culminating in a deadly battle in a secret mirror maze hidden beneath a “ghost” amusement park.

MIRROR MAZE sinuously leads the reader through one maze after another. . .literal, theoretical, and psychological. As with the other best-selling Janek novels, Switch and Wallflower, MIRROR MAZE is a superb police procedural, tense and violent, as well as a thoughtful examination of the blurring of illusion and reality, innocence and guilt.

The French edition of MIRROR MAZE (Labyrinthe de Miroirs) won the prestigious “Le Grand Prix Calibre 38.”





WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Mr. Bayer’s fictional maze is filled with surprising turns and intentionally frustrating dead ends. Discovered within it are straight and crooked cops, devious and above board attorneys, caring psychiatrists, cold-blooded predators and a surprisingly sympathetic victimizer. Janek himself proves to be excellent company: a likeable and believable hero, more than a match for the monsters he eventually finds.”

LIBRARY JOURNAL: “An outstanding novel.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “A very tangled web of kinkiness, greed, police corruption and betrayal.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS: “A powerhouse procedural…another dazzling high-wire act from Bayer!”

ROBERT PARKER: “A terrific novel by a first-rate master of heart-pounding suspense.”

JOE GORES: “Stunning in its controlled wildness, its beauty, and its understanding of obsession as tragedy…a superb meditation upon the human condition, and one of the most compelling novels of the year.”

ROSS THOMAS: “A plot more cunning than any maze. A splendid treat.”