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William Bayer

BLIND SIDE is the most “noir” of all William Bayer’s novels. With scenes set in Manhattan, Key West and Santa Fe, this book will take lovers of psychological thrillers into scorching, brutal territory. . .a world, in the words of The Los Angeles Times, “of blackmail, doublecross, re-doublecross and murder, all set against a backdrop of obsessive sex, plain and kinky.”

Geoffrey Barnett, a fine art photographer, cruises the night streets of Manhattan. His pictures are stark, deserted cityscapes. No people. No faces. Not since the trauma that ended his career as a photo-journalist. Then Kimberly Yates enters his life. Suddenly Geoffrey’s world is turned upside down. She taunts him into photographing her and by so doing nurtures him back to life.

Then just as suddenly as she appeared, she’s gone like a puff of smoke. . .as if she were just a dream, a vision that Geoffrey has conjured up.

As he begins to search for Kimberly, Geoffrey discovers that perhaps she was a dream. Soon, he begins to wish that she weren’t real, because his obsession with her turns his life from dream into a nightmare. As he discovers the truth about Kimberly, she leads him down a path of greed, deceit and blackmail. It is a road littered with sexual perversity and struggles for power, with unbelievable pleasures and even greater pain, with powerful love and a passion for life and, inevitably, the terror of death.

BLIND SIDE is a brilliant puzzle. As the reader pieces it together it reveals a vision that will excite and shock, a story of obsessive love and equally obsessive cruelty. . .neo-noir at its best.




“Has all the ingredients for a dark and sultry noir novel.”— The New York Times

“A smashing film noir on paper. An irresistible brew with a wicked kick…Unstoppable entertainment.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A strong riveting thriller…This one’s in the top tier.” — Publishers Weekly

“The climax is staggering. Bayer is a master of delicious intricacy; his fans will love every twist he throws at them here.” –– Booklist

“A world of murder, blackmail, double-crosses and redouble-crosses, all against a backdrop of obsessive sex, plain and kinky…Its pace is fast, its temperature high.” — Los Angeles Times