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William Bayer

WILLIAM BAYER’s current writing project,  THE MURALS, is a contemporary neo-noir mystery novel set in the fictional Ohio rust-belt city, Calista…the same city that was the setting for Bayer’s 2002 novel THE DREAM OF THE BROKEN HORSES.

Jason Poe, a former conflict photo-journalist, now fine art photographer, is sneaking into abandoned houses at night to make images of things that people who departed hurriedly left behind.

In a small cupola room atop a Gothic style wooden house, he finds himself surrounded by a set of four powerful, mysterious murals covering each of the four walls — full-size paintings of strange menacing-looking standing figures gazing out at him no matter which way he turns.

What is the story behind these striking works? Who painted them and what story do they tell? The answers to these questions constitute the substance of the novel, told in the form of testimonies by Jason and others striving to  solve the mystery of the origin of the murals and what they meant to the person who painted them.

  *   *   *

Another project, a psychological crime novel set in the Berlin art world during the Weimar period, is in the research/outline stage. The story begins with an exclusive dinner party in winter 1929, and ends four years later the night of the Reichstag fire.

Bayer is also collecting material for a memoir about growing up in Cleveland in the 1940s and early 1950s. The tentative title is CUYAHOGA.

Please watch this space for future postings regarding these works-in-progress.